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It's an easy way to measure body fat online

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One picture from a smart phone or tablet combined with our patented and university tested technology is all it takes to acquire highly accurate body composition measurements and much more!


This Hi Tech - No Touch solution can be completed anywhere in less than 60 seconds using a tablet or smart phone. Uploading a new picture every 20-40 days is the recommended frequency to best track your progress.

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 Each scan provides total body fat, lean mass, abdominal fat, daily caloric needs, total body water, waist to height ratio and body measurements at multiple sites.  You can view and manage all of your clients from a PRO account.  

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You can use this cutting edge, non-invasive technology for yourself and clients.  It takes less than 30 seconds to create an account.

Acquire scan credits one at a time or in bundles and integrate them into your monthly coaching programs.   


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After you set up your personal account, click "Upgrade to PRO" and request your PRO wholesale and client discount codes.  Upgrade incentives are available for a limited time!

After you upgrade your account you can begin sharing your discount code to anyone, anywhere!  When they purchase scan credits using your code, you will receive a 25% override.  


Scan, Coach & Invite

Take a picture, upload and get results in less than 60 seconds.  Track your progress scan over scan, month over month.

Invite and manage all of your clients within your PRO account.  You may also purchase scan credits using your wholesale code and sell them to your clients directly.  Our "share" credit function makes it easy to add scans to your client accounts as needed. 

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As a strength and conditioning specialist being able to gather all of these metrics for each client with a single photo is priceless. The assessment data received is more accurate and reliable than my previous tools and much easier to use. It has definitely helped me raise the bar in my coaching.

Mark Myers

Masters in ESS - NSCA CSCS 

What About the Science?

My Body Fat Scan's patented technology was developed by a team that has over 90 years of cumulative experience in body composition testing and research.  In a recent university study of 117 individuals, our digital plethysmography method for body fat estimation was compared to DXA (Dual Absorption X-Ray), one of the industry's gold standards for body fat testing and the results were astounding. 


The best way to see how much additional value this will bring to your coaching practice is to create a free account and complete a scan for yourself!  If you are currently an active professional in the health, fitness or nutrition industry, click the "TEST DRIVE NOW" link and we will send you a FREE PRO-PACK that includes a Science Pack, Pro Benefits Overview, Pro Wholesale Rate Sheet and an exclusive new Pro launch incentive.   

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